16 Reasons Why The Brandon Ingram Audition Is Over In Los Angeles

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16 Reasons Why The Brandon Ingram Audition Is Over In Los Angeles


1. Despite being known and regarded as a “scorer” Brandon Ingram rarely has big scoring nights. In fact, Ingram has only scored over 26 Points ONCE since HIGH SCHOOL.

2. Coming into the league, Ingram was touted at being a legitimate threat from the beyond the arc, but is yet to make the long ball apart of his consistent offensive arsenal.

3. Ingram remains an atrocious free throw shooter, again despite his “scoring and shooting” ongoing reputation. Career 65%, and is 63% from the line this season.

4. Ingram is seen as a playmaker and has played the point guard position for long periods for the Lakers, but has never averaged more than 3.9 assists. He does not make his teammates better.

5. Ingram was compared to Kevin Durant when coming into the league, but in truth, at this stage, the only thing that’s similar about the two players is their body type.

6. For his size and length, Ingram has and is yet to become an elite rebounder. Career 4.6 rebounds per game.

7. Ingram needs the ball in his hands to be effective. He rarely effects the game in other ways.

8. Ingram stagnates the offense. He over dribbles, turns the ball over and has an iso-heavy natured playing style, which has often hurt the Lakers this season.

9. Ingram cannot close games whatsoever. Down the stretch of games when the ball is in his hands, Ingram simply cannot get it done. He turns it over and makes bad decisions which has actually cost them a lot of games this season.

10. Perhaps the biggest plus so far in his career is his potential at being an elite defender in the NBA with his size and length. He has shown flashes, but his lack of IQ often gets him in foul trouble and Ingram is constantly picking up silly fouls along the way.

11. Ingram goes missing. Quite often, you forget he’s even on the floor for long periods of time. He can go 7 or 8 minutes sometimes without effecting the game at all.

12. Despite his potential, at this stage Ingram lacks both urgency and the “dog” in his game that can separate him from other young talent. It’s also a reason why Kyle Kuzma has quickly surpassed him, even though he has less tools to work with.

13. Perhaps the most worrying of all aspects, Ingram hasn’t really improved much since coming into the league. If you look across the league, especially with young players, their improvement is rapid with added responsibility, but Ingram is the exception. Both in production, numbers and overall eye test, Ingram has yet to fulfill basically any of his potential and he hasn’t developed the way he should have so far. He may only be 21 which is of course young still, however he had now been in the league three seasons and it’s alarming at this stage with the lack of strides forward.

14. To further expand on the previous point, let’s look at his two teammates Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball for a measuring stick. Both Kuzma and Ball have improved massively since coming into the league. Kuzma is already flourishing next to LeBron and having big scoring games, and people were labeling Ball a bust last season and this campaign he’s improved in nearly every aspect of his game as well as becoming one of the premier defensive guards in the entire league. Everyone of course develops differently, but this is not a good sign when comparing Ingram to them.

15. Despite being in the league for three seasons, Ingram has yet to get physically stronger. This has effected his ability to drive through contact, finish through contact and have enough energy late in games to make and execute good decisions.

16. Another worrying sign is Ingram has not stepped up in anyway in the absence of LeBron James, Rajon Rondo, and in last night’s case, Kyle Kuzma as well. With Ingram as the Lakers’ main option, he underwhelmed yet again, and has done since LeBron has been out, furthering indicating his lack of carrying power or ability to take the reins.

The biggest point out of all of this is that despite Ingram’s potential to be a star one day down the line, he is simply going to take too long to get there, and the Lakers don’t have that kind of time. With LeBron healthy the Lakers have already overachieved this season, which has caused them to have a little less patience in this process. LeBron has just turned 34, and if Ingram takes 3-4 years to become what we all hope he can, it’s going to be too late. The Lakers have now entered a win-now situation, and with the available talent out there before the trade deadline or this summer, they need to act quickly in order to not waste this season.

Watching the Lakers this campaign it is quite evident that they’re only one really good piece away from realistically contending for a title. The roster is put together intelligently and with the likes of Anthony Davis seemingly very much available. It’s time to act now.

It’s very likely Ingram will be a star one day, but for now it’s time to package him in a trade for a big time player to join the Lakeshow.

We waited patiently, but his audition is over.

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