2021 NBA Championship Title Odds & Finals Betting


The 2021 NBA Championship is now just a couple of weeks away, and as the Playoffs are going on, Brooklyn Nets seem to be a clear fan favorite going into the NBA 2021 Finals. We will see the Eastern and Western Conference Champions go head to head in a series of best-of-seven games to claim the NBA 2021 Title. The event has been known as NBA Finals since 1986, but after Youtube TV got into sponsoring the event in 2018, It is now officially known as NBA Finals presented by Youtube TV. The NBA 2021 Playoffs are still going on with high intensity. All the teams look promising so far with a couple of injuries, but we have to wait to see each team perform to lift the trophy.


2021 NBA Finals Odds to Win

Brooklyn Nets 

Odds: +180

Phoenix Suns 

Odds:  +430

Utah Jazz 

Odds:  +450

Los Angeles Clippers 

Odds: +470

Philadelphia 76ers 

Odds:  +750

Milwaukee Bucks 

Odds:  +800

Atlanta Hawks 

Odds:  +6500


The Brooklyn Nets are going great, and looking at the NBA odds by Fanduel, the odds for the Nets are shrinking with time. Unfortunately, the Nets will be in the Finals without James Harden due to his hamstring injury. And recently, it seems like Kyrie Irving also twisted his ankle, suffering an injury in the recent match. It will be interesting to see how far Kevin Durant can carry the team.

Currently, things for Phoenix Suns seem better, especially with Chris Paul looking very healthy with the shoulders. They also are doing great in the 2021 NBA playoffs with the best defensive rating. Los Angeles Clippers are also one main title rival of the Nets, along with the Utah Jazz. 

The Philadelphia Tigers are on track for the NBA 2021 with a decent squad and the MVP finalist Joel Embiid leading the team. But the MVP finalist Embiid is struggling with fitness after the injury for a few weeks ago.

For the Jazz, Mike Conley is out due to the hamstring injury, but they have Donovan Mitchell, who has been on the top with absolutely excellent performance over the last 13 playoff games. 

With other teams coping with injuries, things seem promising for the Milwaukee Bucks. 


2021 NBA Finals MVP Odds

Kevin Durant 


Donovan Mitchell


Devin Booker 


Kawhi Leonard 


Joel Embiid


Giannis Antetokounmpo 


Chris Paul 


James Harden 

Odds: +2400 

Kyrie Irving 

Odds: +2400


Looking at the odds, Kevin Durant seems promising and is going in as the fan favorite for the NBA Finals MVP. As the title race is going great for the Brooklyn Nets 

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