Already Done In Houston? Carmelo Anthony- An Easy Scapegoat

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Already Done In Houston? Carmelo Anthony- An Easy Scapegoat


Many of Carmelo Anthony’s critics claim that the 10-time All-Star never really cared about his teams and that he always has been only in it for the money. This is why everyone expected him to opt-into his 2018-19 deal with the Thunder worth $27.9 million.

Melo then was traded to the Atlanta Hawks in a three-way deal. The Thunder received Dennis Schröder from Atlanta and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot from Philadelphia. The Hawks meamwhile now have Justin Anderson (Sixers) on their roster and receive a lottery-protected 2022 first-round draft pick from the Thunder. Philly gets Mike Muscala from Atlanta.

Anthony never played a minute for the Hawks, and was bought out of his contract. This has led to a ridiculous amount of money, Melo was paid per day, while being a Hawk. Anthony’s daily salary in Atlanta was $5.1 million.

Houston then signed him and was hopeful that he could improve their team.

Only a couple of weeks have past since and it seems as Carmelo Anthony already is done in Houston. Melo has become disgruntled with his role on a Rockets squad that’s majorly struggling. Why the Rockets struggle is a whole different story, and a weird one as well. Anthony definitely isn’t the sole problem of the team. But it kind of is his own fault why he’s the scapegoat.



​Melo’s game is rapidly decreasing, which is normal when players get to a certain age and aren’t named LeBron James (how is this even possible?). But Melo’s inability to change his game and become relevant in a lesser role, or his inabilty to accept the decrease of his on-court talents, has made it harder for him, than for other former star players, like Gasol, Nowitzki, or Carter.

Carter could be the one Anthony should take a closer look at, assuming he wants to keep playing in the NBA, if the Rockets really plan to cut him. With his career story as of late, he won’t be able to find a roster spot on a contending team, and likely would have to settle with a bad team, just like Vince Carter. If not, it may be time for China…

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