Beef Rekindled: The Kobe And Shaq NBA TV Sit-Down Is In Need Of A Sequel

Photo Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Beef Rekindled: The Kobe And Shaq NBA TV Sit-Down Is In Need Of A Sequel


The two NBA legends, Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas, used to be best friends. Even though they were on different teams, rivals even, the two never made a secret of their friendship, which at that time was uncommon.

But unfortunately their friendship ended on a bitter note after Isiah Thomas’ Pistons played Magic Johnson’s Lakers in two consecutive NBA Finals. During the 1988 Finals, Thomas and Magic had an altercation that ended their friendship – until one-and-a-half years ago!

29 years later, the two reunited in a special on NBA TV. They made peace with one another in one of the greatest moments I’ve ever seen on TV.

This special led to Shaquille O’Neal calling his former teammate Kobe Bryant. Kobe and Shaq were one of the most iconic duos in history. During last year’s All-Star weekend, O’Neal and Kobe’s special, similar to Magic and Thomas’, aired. In this special, the two discussed the first time they had a fight:



While this was heartwarmingly beautiful, it could already be outdated. It seems as the two need another sit-down.

During a recent live interview, Kobe said that if Shaq had his work-ethic, he’d be the greatest of all time.


“He’d be the greatest of all time! This guy was a force like I have never seen. He was crazy…. I would have 12 fu**ing rings.”



While I agree with Kobe and even consider this to be a compliment, O’Neal apparently wasn’t such a fan of Kobe’s statement and commented:


“U woulda had twelve rings if u passed the ball more, especially in the Finals against the Pistons #Facts.

You don’t get statues by not working hard.”


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