Charles Barkley Names His Price To Leave NBA On TNT For LIV Golf Tour

Photo Credit: Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Charles Barkley Names His Price To Leave NBA On TNT For LIV Golf Tour


Retirement is around the corner for Barkley, who doesn’t think he’ll re-sign with TNT once his contract expires in two years…

Turns out that Barkley’s basketball broadcasting career may end immediately. Barkley reportedly has an offer from LIV Golf.

LIV is a professional golf tour financed by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia attracted players with record prize money. Apparently there’s also a lot of money in play for broadcasters.

Last week, Dan Patrick reported that if Charles Barkley joins the LIV Tour, he will likely leave TNT and Inside the NBA.

Now, during a recent appearance on the “Dan Patrick Show”, Barkley revealed that one offer would definitely get him to join them.


“Somebody say Phil [Mickelson] got $200 million, I’m like you take that money. Somebody say Dustin Johnson got $150 million and Bryson [DeChambeau] and Brooks [Koepka]. I’m like $150 million to play golf 15 times a year? I have no problem with those guys taking that money and if they offer me something crazy, I’m gonna take it too.” When asked to define crazy, Barkley added “Well consider how much money I made now, it would take a really huge number for me to give up my life right now.”

After the two agreed that Barkley makes around $20 million via TNT and endorsements, Patrick asked him what he’d do if they tripled it, to which Barkley replied, “If they triple it and next time I’m on your show, the first question better be ‘Charles what are we celebrating tonight?’ that should be your first question. If they triple what I’m making now, your first question should be ‘Hey Charles where’s the party tonight?'”


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