Dennis Schröder’s Wife Fires Back At Haters

Photo Credit: Kyusung Gong/The Associated Press

Dennis Schröder’s Wife Fires Back At Haters


Early in the 2019-20 NBA regular season, the Los Angeles Lakers offered Dennis Schröder a 4-year, $84 million contract extension that was eventually declined by the 27-year old point guard. Schroder was reportedly willing to stay, but was looking for a bigger pay raise at around $100-120 million.

Schröder had a good start for the Lakers and came in help when LeBron James and Anthony Davis were battling injuries in the regular season. However, an abysmal production in the playoffs quickly lowered his value and put him a tight situation in this year’s free agency.

So instead of a $84M payday with the Lakers that was on his table earlier, Dennis had to take a $5.9M offer sheet from the Celtics. While we don’t know if he’ll be starting, or if he’ll be the team’s 6th man, he’ll get enough minutes to show the world that he’s worth more than his current contract and play for a bigger payday next year.

Due to missing out on so much money (for now), Dennis has found himself as a laughing stock among fans. His wife Ellen though, has now taken to social media to fire back at his haters.


“I’m so proud of my husband that he made this decision to stay true to himself and to fight for his goals and his vision! I know not everyone understands this. They would choose money before anything else. But let me tell you: Show some love, be patient, and watch what will happen next.”


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