Fans Blasted LeBron James For His Praise Of Deshaun Watson

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Fans Blasted LeBron James For His Praise Of Deshaun Watson


LeBron James is a highly influential athlete and public figure, known for his skill on the basketball court and his commitment to social justice issues. However, some have criticized James for being selective and questionable in his public statements and actions related to social justice.

James has been questioned for his social justice stance is in his relationship with the Chinese government. James has had a number of lucrative business deals in China, including a partnership with Nike to release a special edition of his signature sneakers. However, the Chinese government is known for its human rights abuses, particularly against the Uighur Muslim population in Xinjiang province. James faced criticism for not speaking out against these abuses or using his influence to push for change in China.

Overall, it is clear that LeBron James is deeply committed to social justice issues, and he has used his platform to bring attention to important causes. However, it is also clear that he has been selective in the issues he chooses to address and the actions he takes, which has led to criticism from some quarters. It is important for public figures like James to consider the full scope of their influence and the impact of their words and actions on a global scale.

James now has been under blast again, this time for being a bit too excited about the Cleveland Browns, and QB Deshaun Watson specifically.



Watson served an 11-game suspension imposed by the NFL, after more than two dozen women accused him of sexual misconduct during massage appointments.

This is the reason why NFL and NBA fans went after James, and they did not hold back.


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