Highest-Paid NBA Players 2022 – Salary & Endorsements Combined

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Highest-Paid NBA Players 2022 – Salary & Endorsements Combined


With the growth the NBA has had in its over seven decades of operation, the league has stabilized well and it is a benchmark for many that wish to go professional. It means even the fringe players in NBA sides earn handsome packages as the commercial profile of the league soars.

While the major focus is on the game, how much the the players earn, remains a top question.

Forbes now released its annual list of the highest paid NBA players, and we’re talking about NBA salary and endorsements combined.

The league ist once again led by LeBron James, who became the first active athlete to be certified a billionaire by Forbes earlier this year, with an estimated $124.5 million of earnings this year.

James is followed by raining Finals MVP Stephen Curry, who’ll bag an impressive $95.1 million this year. Completing the podium is Curry’s former teammate Kevin Durant with $88 million of income.

Spots four and five follow closely behind with Giannis Antetokounmpo making $86.5 million and Russell Westbrook bringing home $82.1 million respectively.

The top 10 are completed by Klay Thompson ($60.6M), Damian Lillard ($60.5M), James Harden ($53M), Paul George ($51M) and Jimmy Butler ($49.7M). 

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