Kobe Bryant Trolls Gatorade With BodyArmor Commercials

Photo Credit: CNBC

Kobe Bryant Trolls Gatorade With BodyArmor Commercials


Academy Award winner Kobe Bryant has taken his talents to the world of advertisement and produced several TV-spots for the new sports drink Body Armor.

You should know that Bryant himself is one of the drinks’ biggest investors and shareholders, meaning the success of the campaign is in his personal interest. The campaign Kobe has come up with throws some shade at the market’s biggest sports drink, Gatorade, which the spots calls ‘outdated’.

Kobe’s commercial also features many sports stars. James Harden, Kristaps Porzingis, Skylar Diggins-Smith and Mike Trout.

BodyArmor founder and CEO Mike Repole was amazed by the results and told ESPN:


“When I teamed up with Kobe, I thought I was getting an elite basketball player with great vision. I wound up with an Oscar winner who has his fingerprints all over our creative that we deeply benefited from. He invested his money to be part of the brand versus an endorsement deal. He was in when we had 20 million in sales, so consider him a co-founder.”


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