Kwame Brown Surprisingly Sides With Kyle Rittenhouse – Defends Him Saying He Acted In Self-Defense

Kwame Brown Surprisingly Sides With Kyle Rittenhouse – Defends Him Saying He Acted In Self-Defense


Kwame Brown was the first player selected in the 2001 NBA draft. He was taken by Washington Wizards ahead of defensive stalwart Tyson Chandler and one of the greatest power forwards of all-time Pau Gasol, who respectively went second and third overall pick.

Brown’s career didn’t pan out as expected, and the former Wizards center ended up transforming himself into one of the biggest busts in NBA history with averages of 6.6 points and 5.5 rebounds on 49.2% shooting, without securing any major NBA accolade.

It’s understandable why almost everyone considers Kwame as an NBA draft bust, given how his career turned out as the first overall pick, but he was a better player than people today make it seem.

But Kwame also is someone who never shies away from voicing his opinion. He now gave his take on Kyle Rittenhouse and surprisingly said that he believes Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, while claiming the case was politicized by people who make a lot of money promoting racism.


“That — to me, in my opinion — looked like self-defense. The courts found it as self-defense. The only bad thing is that he had to sit in jail for so long because they made something political that shouldn’t have been political. If you’re going to give the boy the gun charge, give him the damn gun charge, or let the boy out…

… Instead of that, we want to tie it in to something black. We want to tie it in to something bigger so we can have people come out and march and get checks off a little teenager’s back, and that, to me, is corny. Everything ain’t political, OK?

…A bunch of people are getting paid to push this racist sh*t. That’s all it is. These motherfu**ers ain’t got no lane they’re in — they really don’t got nothing to say. The only thing they get paid off of is talking about how racist it is. Them motherfu**ers got good cars, good houses, good everything telling you how bad it is. Motherfu**er, it don’t look bad. You’re driving a Benz, you’re flying all over the world, you have speaking engagements, you motherfu**ers got black ties and security and sh*t. How you motherfu**ers so bad off?”



On August 25, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, started to walk the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin with the intention of helping people protect their property amid public outrage and demonstrations following the shooting of Jacob Blake. He ended up shooting three people, while killing two of them.

Rittenhouse was charged with homicide and attempted homicide. During his trial, Rittenhouse managed to convince a jury that he was acting in self-defense leading to the jury acquitting him of all five charges.

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