Did LeBron James Leak The Warriors Rumor Himself?

Did LeBron James Leak The Warriors Rumor Himself?


Last week, it was reported that LeBron James could meet with Golden State Warriors during free-agency, if they were able to offer him a max contract.

James is expected to decline his player option ($35.6 million) and become an unrestricted free agent. The possibility of resigning with the Cavs is more than given, but LeBron will most likely also meet with other teams. While both Los Angeles teams have been rumored as a potential candidate to sign LeBron, Houston and San Antonio apparently also are interested in landing James.

According to Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk , the source of the rumor was LeBron James himself. He told NBC Sports in a radio interview:


“I would be really, really surprised if LeBron went to Golden State.

“The one thing I will say about Mr. James: He is the master at using the media to get whatever story he wants out there. He’s perfected the art of the social-media game. I think that those things were probably leaked by them, by Mr. James and his camp.

“I don’t see a universe where that happens.

“It would be interesting to see. It would be interesting to see what he’d be like with the rest of those guys, with his playmaking ability and obviously with the shooting that Golden State has.”


But even if, LeBron on the Warriors? How would that even work? Golden State would have to move Klay Thompson and Andre Iguadola. On top of that, they’d also have to move Shaun Livingston to a team with enough cap space. Kevin Durant would have to option out of his current deal this summer and take less money. The Warriros would also have to have a bench of players earning the league minimum to make it work. As of now, Golden State already has the highest payroll in the NBA at $135 million.

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